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Robert Poirier has 34 years of experience in rotating, pumping and compression equipments. He has acquired his expertise with manufacturers of this type of equipments by the achievement of major industrial projects. In the past 20 years, he has done more than 120 energy studies and implementations of energy efficiency measures in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. He has also prepared and offers training on compressed air, pumping and ventilation systems.


Robert Poirier is certified among others by the Association of Energy Engineers:


  • CEM, Certified Energy Manager (2005)

  • CMVP, Certified Measurement Verification Professional (2008)

  • RCx, Accredited Agent for the recommissioning of mechanical systems


R.O. Poirier is a consulting firm specializing in the reliability and energy efficiency services to the production:


Compressed air systems

Pumping systems

Hydraulic systems

Industrial cooling systems

Industrial heating and air conditioning

Water consumption reduction

Steam boilers


Heat recovery processes:

  • Preparation of a request for assistance from institutions
    (ex.: Hydro-Québec, BEIE, and OPA)

  • Engineering for the implementation of energy projects

  • Industrial measurement service:

  • Design of measurement plans

  • Supply and installation of measuring instruments

  • Data collection, interpretation and report

  • Measurement capability and simultaneous recording:

  • Power for more than 100 engines simultaneously

  • Amperage of 60 engines

  • 56 process temperatures

  • 4 water flows (non-intrusive flowmeter)

  • 3 compressed air flows

  • 3 air flows (ventilation)

  • 22 analog signals 

  • 22 pulsed signals

  • Partial list of measurement instruments

  • Rental of measuring instruments


Robert Poirier






  • Industrial energy analysis

  • Measurement of energy consumptions and GHG

  • Implementation of an economy measure






C.E.M., Certified Energy Manager by the Association of Energy Engineers, 2005


CMVP, Certified Measurement Verification Professional, by the Association of Energy Engineers, 2008


Hydro-Québec Professional Partner


Metropolitan Gas Certified Partner


RCx, Accredited Agent for the recommissioning of mechanical systems, by the Bureau de l’efficacité et de l’innovation énergétiques, 2012


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