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3,4 M$ for mine Éléonore (Goldcorp)

TSO & Ro Poirier allowed Mine Éléonore to received 3,4 M$ from Hydro-Québec.

Fabien Miller, (TSO), Robert Poirier (R.O. Poirier) Charles Gagnon and David Labrecque (Goldcorp)

Fall 2016


We got the opportunity to measure and benchmarked real energy consumption of a thermal fragmentation technology versus two other standard primary opening methods (V-30 and RaiseBore).

Summer 2016


Obtain official measurement process for Island Gold Mine in Ontario (Mine Richmont) for the implemantation of a VoD solution (Ventilation on Demand) allowing the mine to get an important financial aid.

Spring 2016


Participation to the AQME symposium in May in Mtl and presented a paper concerning Opportunities, financial aid$ and real benefits to do mine efficiency projects in Quebec.

TSO- Ro Poirier were successful to provide all the necessary information, reports, documentation and monitoring data from 150 parallel equipments from Mine Eleonore Goldcorp required by Hydro Quebec to grant a 3,4 M$ to the mine. (more...) 

Effectively, TSO R.O. Poirier submitted in 2012 an implementation project to HQ in order to maximize financial aid to Mine Eleonore because they were installing  the newest Ventilation On Demand technolgoy allowing to save 50 % of the normal ventilation energy. TSO-R,.O. Poirier managed the process from the start up to the end and did a large monitoring project which finally allowed Goldcorp to received 3,4 M$ in assistance.  

Fall 2015

Hydro Québec nominated Mine Éléonore (Goldcorp) as a new member of the Ecollecrtic Group because of the work done by TSO-R.O Poirier to analyse, submit, managed and implement energy saving projects.



Many analysis were done by TSO- R.O. Poirier at Mine Éléonore Goldcorp using BEIE and HQ industrial efficiency programs to identify and proposed GHG and electricity reduction projects. Almost all of them are now considered or implemented.



Opportunity study for Niobec mine to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency.

Subimssion and mangement of the first VoD partial implementation at Glencore operation in Quebec allowing a financial aid of more than 800 000 $

2010 - 2012 - 2014


Measurement and evaluation of new ventilation tube efficiency in many mining operations.

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